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A little work on the '32...

Long time since posting...  Sorry for that!!!

With so many things going on right now it's hard to stay focused on one project... Wait, Maybe that's a good thing?? Well for me it is... I tend to bounce around on things until I hit critical Mass and then it turns into the all out assault on getting to the finish line if you will. So this past few months I managed to get the body dialed in and mounted for good onto the chassis.  The classic deal with most reproduction items is that they are close...  But....  Not quite there...  For example the body mounting holes on the American Stamping Frame Rails are just not quite on the line.  The body from Brookville is Spot On but in the end we had a touch of a work to do in order to get things lined up!  Out comes the grinder!  Slotted everything and just started working around to each hole until it was perfect. I didn't like how the body was lining up with the rise in the frame towards the back so I just drilled out the spot welds for the subrails on both side and let the frame relax a bit. I placed a  little 1/8" shim under each body bolt and WHAMO!!  Perfect alignment and doors that close like no other....  Way Bitchin!!!!  Next thing is welding up all the body seams and adding some bracing to the picture in order to really lock this thing in place.

"Body Hole Alignment Issues"
"Subrail spot welds drilled out"
"Perfect Fit!!!!"