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Nothing New... But I have to add my thoughts.

So I just gotta tip my hat to Russ Freund and the boys up north...  This car is now covered stem to stern via every posible car nut web-site and or periodical but I did want to toss up a few pics and say a few things.  

This is simply one of THE BEST Hot Rods that has been turned out in quite some time!  And why this didn't take the cake at the Grand National Show I'll never understand....  The attention to detail is just amazing and the fact that it was built by a bunch of great guys simply working from the confines of suburban garages speaks volumes for this project!  If you haven't seen this car yet please please search it out!!!  Take the time to soak it all in... Think about the hours theat went into every single detail....  Love it... Live it....  It's so damn Bitchin.....

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