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A short film...

Well Folks!

Time for an exciting update here on my site!  Roger Lee and I just spent the better part of 2 weeks working alongside each other on his latest Cackle Car project.  Roger, along with the approval of remaining family members, has embarked on the ever so awesome task of recreating the Master & Richter AA/FD as it was in 1963.  Such an Bitchin project!  One of the Killer Cars from Northern California! I was lucky enough to join in on the fun and had the task of welding the entire thing together along with other minor fabrication projects here and there...  Rather than post a bunch of pictures and ramble on about them, I thought it might be better to make a little picture show!

Watch Here: "A Short Film"

More data and History can be had at this location:  "The Build Thread"

This Beast is now home with Roger and will be receiving the ultra slick chute pack body as well as other little details on its way to roaring back to life at a date in the near future!  Get your Hydrometers ready and mix up some 90%!  Another time machine is on the way....


Robert M.