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Nothing New... But I have to add my thoughts.

So I just gotta tip my hat to Russ Freund and the boys up north...  This car is now covered stem to stern via every posible car nut web-site and or periodical but I did want to toss up a few pics and say a few things.  

This is simply one of THE BEST Hot Rods that has been turned out in quite some time!  And why this didn't take the cake at the Grand National Show I'll never understand....  The attention to detail is just amazing and the fact that it was built by a bunch of great guys simply working from the confines of suburban garages speaks volumes for this project!  If you haven't seen this car yet please please search it out!!!  Take the time to soak it all in... Think about the hours theat went into every single detail....  Love it... Live it....  It's so damn Bitchin.....

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The way of the west.....

Hello Blog World!!

This little video popped up today on the wonderful world of FaceBook and I took a few minutes to watch and let it soak in.... It's very timely as I just spent the entire morning playing hooky from work and picked the bones of one of the last remaining machine shops in the quaint little town of Healdsburg.  Here's a few pics of the mechanized GEM that lurks within our town.

Colchester.... Very Nice...

Chips and Chains.....

Ready to make chips.....

We've got our work cut out....

Now, I will say that the shop has been out of service for quite some time but the whole place in its entirety is smack dab in the middle of town ready and waiting to produce machinery, and or repair things on a as needed basis! But there's nobody around to do the work. Or is it that there is just not as much work anymore in our society of trash and replace with new?? Well who knows... But what I do know is this video is worth watching and it really hits home. Maybe it time to hang my shingle out a bit more and open my shop to more business? Healdsburg, do you need a machine shop again?


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Robert M.


The Fuel Car.... Chipping away!!!

Hey Folks!

Well things are happening up here in the land of all things fun!  Just thought it was time to push out a little more news on the Dragster front.  I have been hustling around looking for parts and trying to fabricate little pieces here and there.  And as always I have been making updates to the build thread on the HAMB.  Please take a moment to sift thru and see some nifty stuff!

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Light the next pair!

Robert M.

Chops is putting the speed tune on......


A little work on the '32...

Long time since posting...  Sorry for that!!!

With so many things going on right now it's hard to stay focused on one project... Wait, Maybe that's a good thing?? Well for me it is... I tend to bounce around on things until I hit critical Mass and then it turns into the all out assault on getting to the finish line if you will. So this past few months I managed to get the body dialed in and mounted for good onto the chassis.  The classic deal with most reproduction items is that they are close...  But....  Not quite there...  For example the body mounting holes on the American Stamping Frame Rails are just not quite on the line.  The body from Brookville is Spot On but in the end we had a touch of a work to do in order to get things lined up!  Out comes the grinder!  Slotted everything and just started working around to each hole until it was perfect. I didn't like how the body was lining up with the rise in the frame towards the back so I just drilled out the spot welds for the subrails on both side and let the frame relax a bit. I placed a  little 1/8" shim under each body bolt and WHAMO!!  Perfect alignment and doors that close like no other....  Way Bitchin!!!!  Next thing is welding up all the body seams and adding some bracing to the picture in order to really lock this thing in place.

"Body Hole Alignment Issues"
"Subrail spot welds drilled out"
"Perfect Fit!!!!"


From the Bustling Metropolis of Orange CA.

Blasting onto the Blog-o-Sphere with his Bitchin Fabrication work is Jimmy White and Da Boys from Circle City Hot Rods. Killer Cars and Killer Dudes.... Check out that latest stuff cook'n in his kitchen and see what they're up too.

"The Spot"